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Partner With Our Program

Please note we make every effort to review the Agent Questionnaire; however, processing of information may be delayed due to program related events or difficulty contacting references. To avoid any delays, please make sure you submit a complete document.

River East Transcona - International Education Program is pleased to develop working relationships with agencies abroad. As an agent, you are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Submit a complete application form for your student
  • Submit all supporting documents for your student
  • Contact program personnel with detailed arrival information
  • Contact program personnel with updates regarding study permit applications
  • Act as a liaison between biological parents and our program
  • Follow up with student updates
  • Any other support needed by the student or biological parents

The process to become a representative for the River East Transcona - International Education Program is the following:

  1. Contact program personnel to request an Agent Questionnaire
  2. Complete the form and return it to program personnel as soon as you have it available
  3. You may be contacted by program personnel to request further information
  4. Successful applicants will be contacted by our Program Assistant to sign the Agent Agreement
  5. Once you have signed the Agent Agreement, email a copy and we will issue a Certificate for your records
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