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How to Apply


You have made the right decision to study with us! Please follow the steps listed below to enroll.

  • If you are an approved agent for River East Transcona School Division - International Education Program you have received the link to our online application
  • If you do not have an agent, please contact our office at for instructions on how to apply to our program
  • The Director, International Education will decide upon acceptance and placement of the student. Students who are accepted will receive formal notification of acceptance from program staff. Initial notification is by email to expedite application of the study permit in the student's home country.
  • Full payment must be transferred to our bank account in order to issue the official letter of acceptance and custodianship declaration (for students under 18 years of age). These official documents will be sent to the student once payment is received. (Complete bank account/payment information is provided on the invoice).
  • The student must then begin the application process in their home country for the study permit (if program of studies is more than six months) or temporary resident visa (if program of studies is less than six months). Please begin this process as promptly as possible to ensure entry into Canada by the start date of the program.
  • Our Homestay Co-ordinator will begin the process to place the student with an appropriate Homestay family. Students will receive information about their placement as soon as an appropriate match is selected. 
  • The student will be met at the airport upon arrival by program staff, along with the Homestay family. Program staff will help with all practical matters related to the Homestay and settling in to life in Winnipeg.
  • Program staff will provide an orientation session for all incoming students at the beginning of each semester at the student's school. School officials will ensure that a proper program is planned for the student.

It is not necessary for the student to engage the services of a recruiter in order to apply for admission to a program

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