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Why study in Winnipeg?

photo-about-us.6b92ad5975.pngTo meet the needs of our international students, we provide high quality EAL programming. The teachers and support staff of our EAL centres are curriculum leaders in English language development. All EAL courses are included in the student's tuition fee.

The EAL component of a student's program, if required, will logically focus on improving ability in all four aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The student is an active participant in language learning and will be able to practice English with native English speakers, in and out of the classroom setting.

There are no minimum English levels required to participate in our International Education Program. We accept students with varying levels of English from novice to advanced levels. We evaluate each student individually for placement in the appropriate level of the EAL Program.

Becoming fluent in English

kec-photography.2be20b5976.jpgInternational students are integrated into classes with Canadian students for the majority of their studies. The EAL component of our program provides the support to facilitate successful transition to school in general and to our Canadian education system.

We guarantee certified EAL teachers, as well as fully trained EAL assistants who work directly with the students in the EAL class. These teachers and assistants pay particular attention to specific needs, resulting in an environment where the students feel comfortable speaking English. There is regular assessment throughout the semester to ensure placement in the appropriate EAL level. The EAL classes are an integral component of our program and are included in the price of tuition.

Study term options

The River East Transcona School Division - International Education Program offers various study term options to meet our international students' needs. They can choose to enrol with us for one complete school year (two semesters) or for a single semester, beginning in either September or February. (At the high school level, our school year is divided into two parts, each part called a semester.) The regular, complete school year begins in September after our Canadian "Labour Day" weekend and is completed at the end of June. Shorter study options are available on request.

A complete school year can also run from February until the end of January, with our summer vacation time (July and August) in between. Our international students have many options as to how to complete their full year of studies. Remember that those international students who choose a complete year of studies will have a more intense English immersion experience.

Students will also have a greater opportunity to use their developed English skills and notice rapid improvement over the course of the year. The longer-term program options will provide them the opportunity to become comfortable with the Canadian lifestyle and integrate more fully into our culture and educational system.

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