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Poppy Campaign - The Royal Canadian Legion

In November, Maple Leaf School hold a Remembrance Day service in the gymnasium. At this time, the Maple Leaf community is invited to pay special tribute to the veterans of preceding wars, as well as to current serving members of the armed forces who play an important role as peace keepers in various troubled spots around the world. Students are given poppies to wear to the service. Donations for poppies are graciously accepted.

Tabs for Wheelchairs

Maple Leaf School has been supporting the Tabs for Wheelchairs program since 1999. So far, with the help of other schools, companies and organizations in Manitoba, over 160 million tabs have been donated and recycled! This incredible amount of tabs has provided kids with brand new specialty wheelchairs.

Before you put your next drink or pet food can in your blue box, please make sure you remove the tab and send it to Maple Leaf School.

Terry Fox Run - Cancer Research

In September, Maple Leaf students, staff, parents and pets walk or jog to and through Bunn’s Creek Park. This annual event marks Maple Leaf School’s campaign in support of The Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. In the days leading up to this event, Maple Leaf students are given information about Terry Fox and his life. Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope, in which he ran a marathon a day for 143 days in 1980 to raise funds for cancer research, touched Canadians and united the country from coast to coast in the belief that anything is possible.

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