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Accessibility at Maple Leaf School

``Standards for Student Services``, a section of the Public Schools Act, requires schools to provide accessibility information to parents new to the school division.

School Lay-Out

Maple Leaf School is one story building. It is composed of three additions. The grade 1, 2 and 3 classrooms are along the front of the school. The kindergarten classroom and the gym are located in the middle section. The grade 4 and 5 classrooms are located in the third section with the library in the middle. The building is completely accessible. There are ramps to the library and two protable classrooms.

School Playground

Our school playground structure is wheelchair accessible. There is a ramp that goes all the way to the top. Along the side of the playground structure there is a path that leads to our outdoor classroom that is located behind the playground structure. It is an area that can be enjoyed by all.

Parking Spots

Maple Leaf School has two handicapped parking spots in the parking lot where one enters the gym entrance. There are two additional handicapped parking spots located by the front door of the school.

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