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In 1956 Maple Leaf School opened its doors to Grade 1 to Grade 6 students. Due to increasing enrolment additions were completed in 1961 and 1973. During that time kindergarten classes were added to make the school a kindergarten to Grade 6 school.   In 2014 the schools in the River East Collegiate catchment area were reorganized into Kindergarten to grade 5, grades 6 to 8 and grades 9 to 12.  As a result Maple Leaf School beccame a Kindergarten to grade 5 school.

The school mascot is a maple leaf, an enduring symbol of Canadian heritage. The image of the mascot, named Maple Leaf Junior, has been stylized to make it a friendly and cheerful character that reflects the qualities we appreciate in our students. Once a Maple Leafer; always a Maple Leafer is a slogan that represents the many children that have passed through the doors of Maple Leaf School.

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