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Welcome to Our School Library

The Munroe Library is all about learning. We each have our own ways of learning and the library tries to accommodate each student's individual learning needs.

The library is, first and foremost, a welcoming and comfortable space. It is a flexibly designed space where students learn how to access, use, and create information ethically. Our library encourages both "taking" (traditional library usage with checkouts and research), as well as "making" (innovative usage where students create, explore, and design new information and learn new skills).

A variety of seating and working areas such as tables for collaborative work, a couch area, a set of laptops and iPads, a Makerspace area, a large screen projection unit, a high-bandwidth Wi-Fi network, and a robust selection of books are some of the spaces, materials, and equipment available to our learners in the library.


Madame S. Scott (teacher-librarian)
Madame S. MacDonald (library technician)

Library Hours


Lending Policies

  • Borrowing Period:  2 weeks – return your books in the book return box
  • Number of Sign Outs:  3 books at a time
  • Renewals:  2 times – please renew your items on time
  • Overdue Items:  no overdue fees, but books that are overdue for more than 3 months will be considered lost
  • Lost Items:  replacement costs will apply to all lost books

In the Library, you can...

Borrow reading, viewing, and listening material in both English and French including:

  • Books – Non-fiction, fiction, and graphic novels
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