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1. We believe in a middle years philosophy 

2. We believe that the middle years child has a variety of developmental needs that can be addressed by: 

  • providing opportunities to experience success
  • programming that is varied and flexible
  • programming for the individual learning styles and abilities
  • supportive, flexible team approach
  • providing a consistent response to students that both supports and redirects learning and behaving

3. We believe in a positive, school-wide approach to discipline that includes: 

  • clear, consistent expectations and consequences
  • teaching, modeling and encouraging respect, responsibility and safety

4. We believe in a respectful, caring and secure community that is created by: 

  • effective communication amongst all its members
  • a proactive approach towards personal safety
  • opportunities for fun and personal growth
  • a sense of belonging
  • supporting lifelong learning

For more information on Middle Years philosopny in RETSD the link to our Middle Years Position Paper can be found here

We also have a variety of divisional policies and adhere to the RETSD Code of Conduct.  

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