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Bienvenue! Welcome! École Munroe Middle School is a community of approximately 350 students. We are a dual track school offering French Immersion, English and the only Late French Immersion option in the RETSD. If you would like to learn more about this program, please explore "French Immersion" on our Program page. We are committed to supporting our learners in accordance with the RETSD Middle Years Philosophy that identifies and celebrates the unique qualities and learning needs of students at this age level.

The Middle Years Philosophy can be found here:

Instruction and Assessment in Middle Years (

Munroe Mustangs experience middle years life through academics, language learning, music, art, applied arts and outdoor-education. Opportunities for leadership and volunteerism within the school are available at all grade levels and supported by teaching staff. Competitive sports and intramurals keep us active throughout the year as do a variety of clubs. Our diverse community sees itself represented in our book selections and as we take part in Celebrate Everything, examining cultural events throughout the year as a school community. Makerspace is available during the lunch hour to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and play through hands on and technology based activities. Technology is leveraged daily to research, create and extend the exploration of learning. Digital citizenship and responsibility is a central focus at all times. Student identity is recognized and celebrated through our GSA under the direction of our guidance councilor and teachers. At École Munroe, we strive to create a safe, caring, and inclusive community for all.

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