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School Expectations

We understand that behaviour and learning are closely connected. At our school, we believe in teaching our students to be safe, respectful, and responsible.  With these principles in mind, each homeroom collaboratively creates a classroom matrix of expectations with the guidance of their teacher. These clearly outline all of the expectations in the classroom to be safe, respectful and responsible and are posted in the classroom. Further, these expectations are connected to the seven teachings of love, truth, honesty, humility, courage, respect, and wisdom. 

We also have school wide expectations that are posted and taught to each student. Our school-wide matrix looks like this:


Students demonstrating these behaviours are recognized with a "Mustang Moment" ticket. These tickets can be used to enter prize draw at our positive behaviour assemblies!

When students are not demonstrating these behaviours, adults engage in a "response cycle", a series of steps that helps students to understand the expectation and change their behaviour. If students are still having difficulty demonstrating the expected behaviour, they may be referred to the office where they will engage in some problem solving with an administrator to better understand why they are having difficulty demonstrating the expected behaviour. Calls to the parents/guardians and appropriate supports will be put in place as necessary. 

In Addition to our general school wide matrix, our school also has matrices for specific places, routines, and procedures during the day:

Digital Matrix
Hallway Matrix

Hallway.PNGOutdoor Matrix


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