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Wayoata School offers a full spectrum curriculum as mandated by Manitoba Education. In addition to the core subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science, the school also provides instruction in Physical Education and Health, Art and Music for all kindergarten to grade 5 students. Students in grades 4 and 5 also receive instruction in Basic French.

Health Education

As outlined in the Phys.Ed./Health Education curriculum, your son/daughter will be receiving information in the following potentially sensitive content-Safety (Personal Safety) and Healthy Lifestyle Practices (Substance Use and Abuse Prevention, Human Sexuality). Parents should be aware that the curriculum is developmental and age appropriate. Each classroom teacher has received training to ensure delivery of content with respect, sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Parents have the option to choose a school based delivery or an alternative delivery for potentially sensitive content. Alternative delivery of potentially sensitive content is the responsibility of the parent.  

Curriculum materials are available at A Parent Information Handbook is also available in the office. If you require any further information or would like a copy of the handbook, please call the school office at 204-958-6840. 

Early Numeracy

Students in Kindergarten and Grade One are supported in numeracy development by an early numeracy facilitator. The facilitator works both with individuals and small groups of students to develop numeracy skills that are essential in Kindergarten and Grade One. 

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a short-term intervention program for Grade One students who are at risk in beginning reading and writing skills. For thirty minutes each day, a student in the Reading Recovery program receives individual instruction from a trained Reading Recovery teacher. This instruction is based on individual strengths and needs. The goal of the Reading Recovery Program is to raise the child's reading and writing proficiency, so that he/she may work independently within the classroom setting. Selection to the Reading Recovery program is based on assessments completed by the Reading Recovery teacher.

Student Services

Student learning needs are supported at Wayoata School with a variety of resources. All student needs are considered when classroom teachers plan their learning activities. For students with specialized learning needs, resource teachers work with classroom teachers to create programs and plans based on observations and assessments. Divisional support services are also available as required. These specialists work collaboratively with teachers and parents to provide essential supports to our student population. If further supports are necessary, divisional and school based personnel, along with parents, work with outside agencies to develop programs and materials for students.

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