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As an extension of our regular program, teachers volunteer to provide instruction and/or supervision in various activities. All students for whom activities are designed are encouraged to participate. The activities are offered on a rotating basis and may change year to year but girls' club, chess, floor hockey league, tumbling, yoga, board games, rugby, foosball and air hockey are all very popular. A Student Voice committee runs all year long and offers an opportunity for students across the grades to meet to plan, organize and facilitate many social justice and environmental projects supporting our commitment to Education for Sustainable Development.


Our physical education teacher and other staff organize the extra-curricular athletic programs, which take place over the noon hours and at recess times. Activities are offered on a rotational basis throughout the year. All students can participate in activities offered at their grade level, practice the skills taught in physical education, and have fun.


All Grade 3, 4 and 5 students at Wayoata School participate in the leadership program.  The leadership program promotes the idea that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to the community that we live and work in every day. As members of the Wayoata School community, we expect each student to take a role in the many leadership opportunities available. With every student contributing, all roles that need to be filled in our school will be shared amongst the entire student body rather than a handful of students being overwhelmed with the numerous contributions they are asked to make. 

Facilitating a leadership program in which everyone contributes to the community in which they live supports the active democratic citizenship component of the social studies curriculum and the personal and social management learning outcome of the health curriculum.  As noted in the Kindergarten to Grade 8 Social Studies:  Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes (p.1) the core concept of citizenship provides a focus for social studies learning across all grades.  As noted on page 115 of Manitoba Education's Physical Education and Health Curriculum, in the personal and social management general learning outcome, social responsibility runs through the health curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Opportunities for being socially responsible active citizens in our school community included in the leadership program are: patrols, conflict managers, announcement leaders, kindergarten helpers, gym helpers, recycling, milk delivery and playground radio delivery. Other opportunities to contribute to our community often present themselves throughout the year.

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