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Welcome to our school library

Welcome to the library and to our program of information literacy. We believe that every student should have the skills necessary to navigate in today's information-rich society. Determining information needs, recognizing and selecting appropriate resources - whether print or online and managing the information are fundamental skills needed for successful academic research.


Ms. E. Harris (Teacher - Librarian) 
Ms. Denise Morrison (Library Technician)

Library Hours

Both libraries are open from 8:50 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.

All classes, K – Gr. 8 are scheduled for library book exchange once per cycle.

Both libraries are open 8:35 - 8:50 a.m. each day for students to exchange books.

Lending Policies

Borrowing Period:         E. Yrs. students may borrow materials for 1 – six day cycle.
                                        M. Yrs. students may borrow materials for 2 cycles.

Number of sign outs:     Kindergarten students may borrow 1 book at a time.
                                         Gr. 1 – 2 students may borrow 2 items at a time.
                                         Gr. 3 – 8 students may borrow 3 items at a time.

Renewals:                       Students in any grade may renew their item(s). This is usually done during their regular book exchange time.

Program Description

Salisbury Morse Place has a library in both the middle years and the early years sections of the building. Each of these libraries have a significant collection of books, magazines, audio-visual material, and computer software. The catalogue is searched via the Internet, at computer stations in the facility. This is a place where students and staff go for quiet study, recreational reading, or research at scheduled times.

The library provides various services for students:

  1. Information on projects and school work via technology and books.
  2. Books for fun or recreational reading.
  3. Access to services such as: research using the Internet, e-mail, and opportunities to create electronic presentations. Student volunteers are welcome and should sign up with the teacher-librarian or the library technician.
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