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Our School

Morse Place School is built on the site of one of the original schools in the division. Salisbury School was opened in 1915. Morse Place Junior High was opened in 1959. In 1992 the two schools amalgamated to form Salisbury Morse Place.  In 2020, the school name changed to École Salisbury Morse Place, to recognize the dual track programming.  An English program is offered from K-8 and a French Immersion program from K-5.  Student enrolment is approximately 750 students from kindergarten to grade 8. 

Mission Statement

  • We are committed to the pursuit of academic excellence for all students in an environment of cooperation, mutual respect and recognition of individual differences.
  • We strive to foster community and parental involvement as we promote lifelong learning in a safe, supportive, caring atmosphere.

Building Character

A mandate of École Salisbury Morse Place School is to strive constantly to enhance the learning environment.  Academic excellence is our prime focus, but we also attend to the building blocks of character. Through daily interaction with students, as well as through special events and assemblies, we encourage students to exhibit respect for self, respect for others, citizenship, trustworthiness, responsibility, ambition, determination, caring and fairness.

Philosophy and direction

At École Salisbury Morse Place School we believe that:

  • all children want to succeed and have a desire to learn.
  • all children are entitled to a successful school experience.
  • children differ in their interests and their needs.
  • each child has a unique learning rate and style.
  • success in school depends on a sequential and logical program.
  • in helping others the children understand themselves, their peers, and their relationship to society.
  • in helping others the children realize their responsibility to themselves, their families, their peers and their school.

School Climate

The staff is dedicated to creating a wholesome, friendly, non-threatening learning and teaching environment. It is our overriding goal that our students will grow to be kind, courteous, polite and organized individuals. The students are encouraged through their actions to demonstrate respect for the rights of others and thus gain self-esteem.

Parents, this is an area we need to work on together

École Salisbury Morse Place School Motto: "No deed of mine will ever bring dishonour to this school."

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