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Musical education is compulsory at all levels.  The Grade 5 general music program consists of:

 - Learning to play the recorder
 - The study of basic music theory
 - The introduction of the four major band instruments:  flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone.

Band Program Objectives:

Music is one of the finer pleasures in life regardless of whether one is involved professionally or on a more casual basis. It is our objective in the band program:

  • To develop reading skills and proficiency in playing a chosen musical instrument.
  • To develop an appreciation and understanding of the language and structure of music.
  • To give the student the opportunity to expand his/her interest and talent.
  • To provide the student with opportunities for public performance.
  • To give the student an opportunity to develop work ethic, self-discipline and pride in his/ her accomplishments.
  • To give the student an opportunity to participate in a group activity, thus developing a sense of group responsibility and team spirit.
  • To assist the student in planning for future musical enjoyment.

In Grade 8 the school offers a musical option, provided there is sufficient interest and available staffing. This option is in the form of a music appreciation course, in which the students chronologically study the development of music over the last 100 years, leading to today’s popular music. This history and theory-based course includes assignments, projects and tests and appears on the students’ report cards.

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