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Schoolwide Respect Agreement

Respect of adults toward students

We will:

  • Speak in a calm tone
  • Greet our students
  • Encourage our students
  • Listen attentively
  • Respond to students’ questions
  • Support our students in all aspects of their development

Respect of students towards adults

We will:

  • Arrive punctually to all our classes
  • Have all necessary supplies for each class
  • Participate in class activities
  • Complete our homework on time
  • Listen to and look at the adult who is speaking
  • Raise our hands before speaking
  • Ask for permission to leave the class as required
  • Follow adults’ instructions
  • Refrain from interrupting
  • Refrain from bringing food to class

Respect for the property of others

We will:

  • Ask permission before touching or using things that belong to others
  • Refrain from hiding or damaging others’ property
  • Refrain from looking inside other students’ lockers or desks
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Refuse to engage in rumors
  • Keep our school clean, free of vandalism or graffiti

Respect for one another

We will:

  • Include others in our games and conversations
  • Greet and talk to others
  • Listen to and respect the opinion of others
  • Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • Use appropriate language
  • Refrain from hitting others or becoming involved in conflicts
  • Refrain from engaging in bullying behaviors
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