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Schoolwide Guidelines for Success

A.   Respect for school rules/policies

  1. Know and respect the school rules.
  2. Contribute to a safe and positive school environment.
  3. Put forth your best effort to communicate in French.

B.   Respect for others

  1. Be responsible for your words and actions.
  2. Be polite, considerate and helpful.
  3. Respect the personal space of others.
  4. Look for the positive.

C.   Respect for school/personal property

  1. Take care of your possessions and school property.
  2. Ask permission of others to use their personal belongings. 
  3. Notify any staff member of any damages or safety concerns.
  4. Keep our school a clean and safe environment in which to learn and work.

D.   Respect for self

  • Be yourself and make wise decisions.
  • Come to school every day and show your willingness to learn.
  • Have a positive attitude about yourself.
  • Handle situations in a positive and assertive manner.

E.   Respect for divisional policies

  1. Divisional Code of Conduct
  2. Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Smoking
  3. Suspension Policy


In September, all new students to the school will receive a copy of the RETSD Code of Conduct, which will be reviewed by homeroom teachers. Students are expected to respect the code of conduct and keep the brochure in their agenda.

Please note the following, as per code of conduct, are not permitted:

  • Bullying, including cyber-bulling, or abusing physically, sexually or psychologically, in writing, verbally or otherwise.
  • Inappropriate use of electronic mail, the Internet, digital cameras, cell phones, cell phones equipped with digital cameras, text messaging sent by cell phone or pager, and other personal electronic communication devices, including accessing, uploading, downloading or distributing material that the school has determined objectionable, students taking photos, video recordings and images of staff or students on school property without the permission of authorized school personnel.
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