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Lunch Hour

Respect for others

1. We respect the supervisors, staff and other students.
2. We use appropriate language, volume and tone voice.

Respect for school/personal property

3. We take care of our personal possessions and of school property.
4. We ask permission of others to use their personal belongings.
5. We respect the personal space of others by remaining seated in our assigned place throughout the eating period.
6. We keep our classroom a clean and safe environment.

Respect for school rules/policies

7.  All students staying for lunch eat in their homeroom until 12:10.
8.  At the 12:10 bell, all students must  proceed to their noon hour activity/club or go outside and remain outside until the bell rings at 12:40.
9.  In the case of indoor recesses we respect the list of acceptable  indoor activities posted in each classroom.

Respect for divisional policies

10.  Throughout the eating period and the activity period we respect the division's policies on:

- Divisional Code of Conduct
- Drug/Alcohol Abuse


All students who do not go home for lunch on a daily basis are expected to eat in their classroom, at their assigned seat. They are also expected to remain on the school grounds throughout the lunch hour (11:50 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.). This enables school staff to ensure the safety and security of all students under our supervision.

Parents may grant permission to their child to leave the school grounds by sending a signed, dated note for each school day where permission is granted.

Parents are encouraged to grant this permission when a student will be leaving the school/grounds for the entire lunch period, and where there will be some form of adult supervision (e.g., meeting a parent at a local restaurant or eating at a friend's house where a parent will be present).

Parents accept the responsibility for their child's activities/actions during their off-grounds lunch period. Where necessary, the administration will contact parents or provide parents' phone number to merchants or local citizens who have a complaint against their child.

Students must obtain a dated, signed note from their parents for each day that they leave the school grounds. Notes granting weekly or monthly permission to leave the school grounds will not be accepted.

Students must show this note to their homeroom teacher before the lunch hour so that the teacher may sign the note.

Students must keep the note with them throughout the lunch hour in case a staff member or community member asks to see it.

Students must return to school on time. The end of noon hour bell rings at 12:40 p.m.

Students may return to the school grounds before 12:40 p.m. but may not leave more than once.


Whenever a student leaves the school grounds without the written permission of their parents, the staff member who witnesses the infraction will inform the homeroom teacher by completing an infraction report.

1st infraction: The teacher will discuss the situation with the student, will communicate with parents (phone call, note in the agenda or a letter) and will keep the student for a detention (lunch-hour or after school).

2nd infraction: The homeroom teacher will submit the documentation to the administration. The principal or vice-principal will meet with the student and contact parents (phone call or letter) in order to make a plan for the lunch hour. This may involve an in-school suspension (remaining in the office from 11:50 -12:40) or require that alternative arrangements be made by parents for a period of time to be determined by the administration.

Reminder: Students are expected to demonstrate good citizenship at all times, whether on or off the school grounds, by following École Regent Park's School-Wide Guidelines for Success.



École Regent Park has a canteen. Hot and cold meals can be obtained at a reasonable price. Food and drinks are to be consumed in designated areas only. Grades 5 and 6 students may place their order from a limited menu in their classroom each morning. Students in grades 7 and 8 may pre-order their lunch at the canteen during the morning break.  They may also purchase snacks at the break time and at lunch time. The canteen closes at 12:05 p.m.

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