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Dress Code

Clothing should be appropriate for school -- neat, clean, and inoffensive. Good judgment should be used by students in wearing appropriate attire for changing weather conditions.  It is expected that students remove outerwear upon entering the school.

T-shirts bearing inappropriate language or illustrations will not be accepted. Students cannot  wear crop tops, spaghetti strap tops, muscle shirts and any other equally revealing items. Clothing revealing midriffs, such as “low riders”, are also not acceptable. While sleeveless shirts may be worn, the top of the shoulder must be entirely covered.

In a case where inappropriate clothing is worn to school, staff members will speak to the student and may request that he/she change. Students who repeatedly defy the dress code will be referred to the administration and their parents will be contacted.

Heavy chains and dog collars worn around the neck as well as chains worn at the waist are not allowed at school. Students will be requested to remove these items and may have them confiscated if they refuse to comply.

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