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Assessment & Reporting


Evaluation of student achievement focuses on performance and on all dimensions of student growth. Emphasis is placed on positive progression, individual uniqueness of students, clear observable correlation between evaluation and the stated teaching and learning objectives and ongoing feedback to students.

Evidence of student learning is collected through:

Products created        

Evidence of what students know

Observations during the learning

Evidence of what they do

Conversations with teachers/students

Evidence of what they say

Three student progress reports will be sent to parents throughout the year. In addition to the three reports, parents will also have the opportunity to review their child’s portfolio at the end of each term. Parent-teacher-student conferences are held in November and student-led conferences take place in March.

A divisional middle years report card that connects educational programming to provincially-mandated curricula has been developed and will be used in the 2009-10 school year.  This report card is designed to enhance learning, engage students and fully inform parents and guardians.

What reporting terminology is used?

Outcomes: Outcomes are descriptions of the knowledge and skills students are expected to know and are able to do at the completion of a course or unit of study. 

Performance indicator: Refers to student learning targets that are outlined for each course by a provincial curriculum.

Performance scale: Refers to the level at which a student is able to demonstrate curricular outcomes:

4   Consistently demonstrates curricular outcomes.
3   Frequently demonstrates curricular outcomes
2   Occasionally demonstrates curricular outcomes.                                                         
1   Does not yet demonstrate curricular outcomes.
NA   Not applicable this reporting period.

Student engagement:  Refers to student learning behaviors that positively impact academic growth and achievement.

Continuous reporting: Assessment information continues to build throughout the school year. It is not an averaging of terms, but an indication of student growth over time.    

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