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RECMAPA Sobey's Fundraiser Fall 2022

RECMAPA Sobey's Order Form 2223

River East Collegiate Musical Arts Parent Association (RECMAPA) is offering a few voluntary fundraising opportunities this year to offset individual students’ costs.  With the announcement of the Chicago trip in June and attendance at the Brandon Jazz Festival, participating in fundraising will definitely help with these expenses. 

These fundraisers will include: Sobeys Gift Cards and a few others which we will notify you of in the coming weeks/months.

RECMAPA is offering the Sobey’s/Safeway Gift Cards as a fundraiser.  The cards provide a great opportunity to subsidize the cost of the school trips. The gift cards are sold at face value, which are redeemable for purchases at any of the Sobey’s/Safeway locations.  The cards have no service fees or expiry date and operate on a declining balance basis.  The cards are available in a variety of denominations.  The discount is based on the total school order and will be distributed 100% to the students’ fundraising individual accounts.

The following is an example of discounts to be achieved based on total school sales:

  • 2% Discount when you purchase $2,000 to $4,999 in Gift Cards
  • 5% Discount when you purchase $5,000 to 19,000 in Gift Cards
  • 6% Discount when you purchase $20,000 and over in Gift Cards

Ex. If the school brought in over $20,000 and you bought in $100 cards = $6 profit

We would like to achieve sales over $20,000 in orders to maximize the greatest available discount.  The fundraiser is a dollar-for-dollar exchange and is a win-win situation for the seller and the buyer.  These gift cards will come in handy for Christmas shopping, gifts for friends, family, co-workers, employees, etc.

Participation of course is voluntary; therefore, if we don’t receive payment and orders by the November 21st due date, we will consider that you are not participating in this fundraising opportunity.

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