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Music Parents (RECMAPA)

REC has been extremely fortunate to have had the support of dedicated music parents who have volunteered to serve on the River East Collegiate Musical Arts Parent Association over the years. The purpose of the RECMAPA is to promote, encourage and support undertaking of interest and benefit to the musical arts programs of River East Collegiate.

Membership of the RECMAPA is open to anyone interested in the music programs of River East Collegiate. Parents and/or guardians of students in the River East Collegiate programs are considered active members. Please see the bottom of this page for current RECMAPA information.

Please consider attending the meeting and becoming involved in RECMAPA.

$25 music fee is due now!

Music programs really benefit the students in terms of skill development, teamwork and positive social interaction. These programs also have considerable expenses, which music parents have been exemplary in helping to defray in one form or another. One of those forms is the $25 music fee which acts as a foundation for the entire budget. We would invite and really welcome the rest of our parent supporters to contribute their fee payment at this time. 

Fundraising Information

We are participating in a Winkler Meats fundraising opportunity. All funds raised will go into your student’s REC Musical Arts Parents Association (RECMAPA) fundraising account. Funds from the RECMAPA account can be applied to REC Musical Arts trips that are provided at River East Collegiate. These funds can be used for the Brandon Jazz Festival and Chicago trips this year! See attached fundraiser form. Orders due: Tuesday, February 21, 2023. Winkler Meats Fundraiser



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