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Student Support Services


 Services include:                                                                                                   

•Group and individual counselling in the areas of career, education, or social/personal concerns
•Group and individual appraisal of academic potential, aptitudes, interests and achievement
•Assistance with academic placement and follow-up
•Consultation with parents and staff
•Referrals to sources of assistance outside the school
•Training opportunity for peer counselling through Natural Helpers program


The resource staff is committed to facilitating, supporting and delivering effective educational programming for learners with diverse needs through advocacy, management and communication within the school and community.

Services include:

•Coordination of services for students with special needs
•Consultation and collaboration with students, staff, parents and outside agency personnel
•Assessment of academic strengths and weaknesses
•In-class and tutorial support for students requiring assistance with courses and basic skills
•Coordination of paraprofessional support services
•Provision of computer remediation and review materials for students
•Assistance with study skills and test/exam preparation
•Coordination of Peer Tutoring Program
•Review and remedial computer programs

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