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Recycling Campaign

REC has a recycling campaign for all classrooms and hallways. A dedicated group of students gathers all the recyclables every second Thursday in preparation for a Winnipeg Recycling Service pick-up every second Friday.

The total student body is expected to do their part in saving our environment by redirecting certain products away from the garbage (and ultimately the landfill site) and into the blue boxes (and ultimately into other uses).

So far, this initiative has been working very well but ... we would like to have more volunteers so that the cafeteria (a large generator of recyclable products) can be brought on-line with the rest of the school.

With more participants, we can make REC a much greener environment and embark on other initiatives both school-based and community-based. We would love to take a "Green Team" to provincial, national and international competitions and network with other students and professionals in this emerging domain.

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