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Student Behaviour

Student in good standing

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Rules for student behaviour - community contract

River East Collegiate's learning community contract requires the following four commitments:

1.To diligently pursue my education and respect other people's right to pursue their education.
2.To treat other people with respect and dignity.
3.To appreciate diversity.
4.To obey the rules of River East Collegiate and conduct myself with honor.

River East Collegiate reviews expectations and rules with students each year. These rules and expectations are designed to make River East Collegiate a safe and comfortable environment for all.

RETSD Code of conduct

River East Collegiate supports and promotes a healthy and safe school culture by adopting and promoting the RETSD Code of Conduct. The code of conduct promotes partnership between parents, students and the school/division community to ensure the safety of all persons. Strategies and consequences for behavior include both proactive interventions and strategies and consequences for unsafe and inappropriate behaviors.

Access  RETSD Code of Conduct documentation.

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