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Lockdown, Hold and Secure

Click here to view the REC School safety letter.

Personal Information

Where personal information is requested on (application) forms, only the minimum amount of personal information required for the stated purpose will be requested/collected. Should you have any concerns regarding the information you are asked to supply, please contact the Records Officer at 667-7130 ext. 226.

Safety and Privacy Guidelines

Please note the following practices of the River East Transcona School Division:

School Newsletters

Are routinely created and may contain information and pictures regarding new students, individual student achievements, school activities, sporting events and highlights. Profiles on individual students will only be done with parental consent or consent from students age 18 and over. Newsletters are sent home and may be distributed to other facilities including other schools, Transportation Department, Administration Offices, trustees and  as well, may be posted on the schools’ website.

Student Pictures

To assist in ensuring the safety of the students in our school, we will include a photograph of all students in our secure school computer administration system(s). Should you have any concerns regarding this practice, please contact the school administration.

In order to make staff aware of students with severe medical alerts, pictures and conditions are posted in non-public domains (i.e. staff rooms) throughout the school. Efforts are made to ensure the health information contained is pertinent and available only to individuals who require it. Should you have any concerns, or require additional information, please contact the principal or nurse educator.

Transportation bus evacuation drills

Message from the Director of Transportation:

"The Public School Act P250-R.M. 465/88R - Pupil instruction: The school board shall ensure that at least twice in each school year each pupil is instructed in safe school bus riding practices and participates in emergency school bus evacuation drills which shall be conducted at least once during the fall term and at least once during the spring term of each school year."

The River East Transcona Transportation Department has an excellent safety record. In maintaining this record we carry out bus evacuation programs in all our schools in the early fall and late spring of each school year.

The safety of our children is of the utmost importance and must be given first consideration.


Middle and senior years schools produce and publish yearbooks annually. These may be retained in school libraries as memorabilia and are sold to past/present students, parents and faculty.

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