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During the year Bertrun E. Glavin offers various activities for the students to participate in during lunch hour.  The following activities were offered for the current school year.

Hip Hop Club

During lunch hour our school offered a hip hop dance club for students in grades 1 and 2. Participants wore their gym runners and regular clothes. All participants brought a bag lunch to school and eat in the gym after the practice. One of Bertrun E. Glavin's staff members who has expertise in dance with all age groups, choreographed the lessons and was helped with supervision by other staff members.

Jazz Dance Club

During lunch hour, our school offered a jazz dance club for grades 3 to 5 students. Students wore their gym runners and regular clothes. They brought a bag lunch and eat in the gym after the lesson. The class was taught by one of Bertrun E. Glavin teachers and was supervised by other staff members.

Co-ed Flag Football

This activity was offered to students in grades 4 and 5. Practices for this club were held in the gym or outside, weather permitting, and some students changed into their phys ed clothing. Students were required to bring a bag lunch and  eat in the gym. Students learned fair play rules and skills of the game. This club was just for recreation and exercise, no experience was necessary. Flag football is a non-contact sport.

Cheerleading Club

Grades 4 and 5 students had the opportunity to join a cheerleading club in the fall. Practices were held at lunch hour. Students learned dance steps as well as cheerleading songs. They took their skills and performed at the divisional flag football tournament. Since this was the first time any cheerleaders were present at the tournament, the B.E. Glavin Cheerleaders represented each school when they had a game. All schools appreciated the enthusiasm of our club.

Cross Country Running Club

This is an extracurricular run club offered to students from grades 3.4 and 5. This club meets at lunch time during the month of September to prepare for the "Turkey Trot" which will take place at Bird's Hill Park. On practice days, students will bring their lunch to the gym. We will do a warm up and then we will go outside to the school yard for our running practice. For the safety of all athletes, it is imperative that all students abide by school rules while involved in any and all run club activities. In order for your child to attend the Turkey Trot he/she must consistently demonstrate respectful and responsible behaviours while attending club activities as well a during the school day.

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