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Discipline Cycle

A systematic and sequential discipline cycle will operate at Arthur Day.  All minor and major infractions will be responded to according to the seriousness of the violation.

The following steps will be utilized when dealing with a discipline issue (depending on individual situations, certain steps may be bypassed):

1. Teachers deal with their own discipline.
2. After repeated occurrences or a problem greater than what a teacher can handle within the class setting, the student will be sent to the office.

A. Conference is held.

i.      Some form of disciplinary action may be taken.
ii.      Parents may or may not be called.

B. Repeated occurrence of problem.

i.      Disciplinary action will be taken (detention, in or out-of-school suspension).
ii.      Parents will be notified.

3. Suspension from school will result in the following:

A. Parents will be contacted.
B. A suspension notification will be sent to the Administration Offices.

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