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House League


House League system is a fundamental part of life at Prince Edward School. Everyone in the school, including staff and students, belongs to one of four houses. The students named their houses the Red Heads, Yellow Submarines, Blue Suede Shoes and Purple People Eaters. Students designed logos and t-shirts to complement the names. Students remain with their houses from kindergarten to Grade 5 .

On the first Friday of every month, at 9:15 a.m. we have a house league assembly. All staff and students are expected to wear their house colours to the assembly. Students who do not have a house league t-shirt may wear other t-shirts that match their house colour.

The purposes of the house league are:

  • To promote school spirit by encouraging an active life in Prince Edward School.
  • To promote acceptable standards of behavior and positive relationships with others.
  • To encourage participation in a wide variety of activities.
  • To encourage quality performance, a positive self-concept, and respect for others.
  • To encourage participation in and enjoyment of physical activity and physical fitness.

House League t-shirts are available for puchase at the school office. 

Activies for a Sustainable Future

The school is commited to the 3 Rs, Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. An active recycling program is carried out by our students. Some of our initiatives are:

  • Classroom sets of dishes have replaced paper products
  • Bring your own bowls have replaced bags for popcorn at our movie nights
  • Campbell Soup labels and Canadian Tire money help make purchases for classrooms
  • Every classroom is encouraged to re-use discarded left over paper
  • Our art programs use goods from Arts Junction
  • Sharing of our bits and pieces of leftover paper with Brazier Street Nursery and our Birth to Four Program
  • We offer a clothing swap out of our community room
  • The division has supplied the school with recycling bins

Music Appreciation

Students at Prince Edward school attend music class three times a cycle.  Students also have the opportunity to become part of groups like Grade 4-5 Choir, Musical Orffans and Recorder Club.  Each year, all students having the opportunity to perform in a concert: The Kindergarten to Grade 3 students perform in a Christmas Concert, usually occurring in the second week in December.  The Grade 4-5 students are part of a Spring Musical, usually occurring in the second week of May. 

Our school also participates in the Brummit-Taylor Music Appreciation program as part of our morning opening exercises.  At the start of each week, students are introduced to a new composer and an excerpt of one of their works. Each day begins with a reading, talking about the composer and information about the piece of music that they composed.  By listening each morning to these compositions our students have gained an appreciation for the classics.

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