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Student Health & Welfare

Student Accident Insurance

Voluntary student insurance may be obtained from the Reliable Life Insurance Company.  This plan is recommended by the Manitoba Association of School Trustees.  It is administered by Reed Stenhouse Limited and should be purchased directly through them with application forms distributed by the school each September.

Public Health Nurse

Joseph Teres School students have access to the service of a public health nurse on an on-call basis.

Administration of Medication

School personnel are not permitted to administer non-prescription medication.  Prescription drugs can be administered only with parental permission and provided the required forms have been completed.  The appropriate forms are available at the school office.  These forms must be completed each year.  Please note that the school cannot administer the first dose of any medication.


There are several children attending Joseph Teres School who suffer a LIFE-THREATENING allergy to nuts & peanuts. Even exposure to a tiny amount of this item could be potentially serious and life threatening. We need your help in providing as safe an environment as possible for these students. Joseph Teres School is a nut free/peanut free environment. Please do not bring or send anything to school that contains any type of nuts, this includes product that have the label "May contain nuts" and/or "Made in a factory that produces nut products".

Joseph Teres School staff and parent community strive to provide a safe environment for all our students. To this end, we have reviewed the individual needs of our students and the procedures and policies presently in place. Although the specific child and family must take responsibility to avoid exposure, we can also help to make the school environment safer.

Support Services Policy

Joseph Teres School will attempt to meet the needs of all children through the provision of support staff such as resource teachers or a counsellor.

  • The method used will be least intrusive.
  • In-school resources will be used first.  The Student Support Team (SST) meets once a month in order to collaborate on referrals made by teachers, parents and/or administration.
  • When necessary, assistance will be accessed from administrative office supports, the Student Services Clinical Unit or other outside professionals.  This will be done with parental consent.
  • Students may be referred to these services by teachers, parents, school administration or by the students themselves.
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