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The Peacemaker program at Joseph Teres is designed to promote and teach leadership and conflict management skills to its members. The training begins in the spring of Grade 3 and consists of four half day sessions. The students practice skills through structured experiences, role plays and simulations. Upon completion of the training a further commitment to the program is expected for the duration of Grade 4. Each peacemaker is responsible to go on one ½ hour duty per cycle and attend further in school training sessions throughout the Grade 4 year.

The Peacemaker program began in 1992 and continues to be successful to date, teaching students the skills needed to solve conflict in a positive way. The problem solving process carries over to other life situations that may have conflict. Parents and students have reported conflicts at home are being resolved more effectively. It is our hope that by teaching students positive ways to resolve conflicts a reduction of violence in our society will occur.

The Peacemaker program is currently being instructed by Shelley Wilson and Jason Kroetsch.

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