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Interactive Start

Interactive Start is a time where students are able to choose an exercise or personal interest to explore without restriction of class or grade.

Interactive Start at École John Henderson Middle School allows each student and staff to begin their day by choosing from a variety of activities classified in one of four categories: 

  • Move
  • Build
  • Learn
  • Relax

We believe in empowering students to choose activities that will help them to self-regulate, build personal responsibility and self-manage, as well as increase motivation and engagement at school.

We believe that starting each day with positive, social and active interactions will provide opportunities to:

  • increase levels of motivation and engagement
  • reduce anxiety and self-regulate
  • grow in imaginative play, creativity and innovation
  • build on our belief of multi-age community and cross-grade connections
  • foster relationships between students and between students and staff

Our vision is for all students to find a sense of belonging, build relationships, self-regulate, learn how to take calculated risks, and grow through experiential opportunities within a safe, inclusive environment.



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