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Hampstead School has a population of 170 students from kindergarten to grade five.  The student population is proudly diverse and includes students from a  variety of nations. The teaching staff of the school numbers 14 with an additional 9 educational assistants. Hampstead School opened in 1960. The school is well used by community groups throughout the weekday evenings. The students, parents and staff of Hampstead School are proud to be part of a community school initiative sponsored by the Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth.

Hampstead School offers a regular English program of study for students in kindergarten to grade 5. The content of each subject area conforms to provincial expectations and curricular outcomes. Hampstead School has educational specialists in the areas of physical education, music, guidance, resource and reading recovery.

The music and physical education specialists teach all students at each grade level on a regular schedule of instruction. These specialists are also leaders in planning school wide music and physical education co-curricular activities.

The school guidance counsellor provides services to students and their families in the areas of behavioural and emotional support. The resource teachers support staff, students and families with issues related to academic achievement. The reading recovery teacher intervenes in a specific and systematic way to support young readers at Hampstead.

In addition to the educational specialists listed above, Hampstead School also has a community liaison person who works to connect students and families to school.

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