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Mission statement

La mission de l’école est de former des apprenants bilingues préparés à agir comme fier citoyen canadien tout en développant une appréciation chez l’élève pour l’éducation, le français, l’équité sociale, et pour sa propre identité comme jeune adulte du monde contemporain. 

The school's mission is to develop proud Canadian bilingual learners while fostering a student appreciation for education, French, social justice, and for his or her own identity as a young adult in the contemporary world.



Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau opened its doors in September 1990 within the Transcona-Springfield School Division # 12 with a population of 140 students and 14 teachers. Our French Immersion Program has grown and stabilised over time: Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau currently has 350 students and 20 teachers. During this time, we have worked to establish programs that include and develop the diverse talents and skills of our students. In 2006, Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau was designated a UNESCO school. We are extremely proud of the reputation our school enjoys in the community and beyond. Our community was honoured in 2010 when Mr. Justin Trudeau addressed staff, students and guests in the school that bears his father's name. Our students and staff continue to reach out to local, national, and international communities to affirm our identity as a UNESCO school.

Student demographics

Our student population draws from the entire River East Transcona School Division. Though most students are residents of Transcona, approximately 20 per cent are residents of the municipality of Springfield and are bused to school each day. We have an increasing number of students who have chosen our school under the provincial schools of choice initiative, from Beausejour, Dugald, Lorette, Oakbank and other divisions within Winnipeg.

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