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CPET Musicians Collaborate with GroundSwell

Recently, Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau music students got to collaborate with new music and community arts organization GroundSwell on an exciting project. They worked with composer Kenley Kristofferson and CPET music teacher Brady Gill to compose and perform a new work.

The project began in January with the students taking part in online and in-person workshops with Kristofferson and Gill, meeting five times over two months and working through various aspects of the creative process. After the seven-minute piece was completed by the student composers in March, rehearsals for the student performers began. During rehearsals, the composers received feedback from the performers and used this to improve their work.

The performance took place on April 30 at the GS4: Plasma Waves & Fireflies event at the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre, and it was a resounding success. 

The students got to experience a compelling artistic journey and discover what contributions can be made as individuals and in groups. They learned a great deal about music composition, how to work with and for others, how to share opinions in a constructive way, and how to harness the power of a group to be greater than the sum of its parts. (All the costs of this project were covered by GroundSwell.)

Photos: GroundSwell and David R. Scott

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