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Outdoor Pursuits

Arthur Day’s Outdoor Pursuit (OP) classes are an extension of the Arthur Day physical education program. Students are provided with opportunities to develop skills that will enable them to live, work and play safely in the outdoors. OP activities are planned by an outdoor education specialist and follow the guidelines provided by the YouthSafe Manitoba Coalition.

The OP program allows ADMS to meet two very important objectives in our phys-ed department:

  • Students are instructed in lifelong physical pursuits, such as cycling, cross-country skiing, hiking, orienteering, canoeing, swimming, archery, skating, tobogganing, and back-country camping.
  • Students can receive the mandated allotment of time for physical education instruction.

The OP program is activity-based—students spend a majority of the time being active with their peers in the outdoors. These minutes of activity could not be more important in today’s society, where children have increased opportunities to live completely sedentary lifestyles with reduced social interaction. This physical and social inactivity have an impact on the development of movement skills, fitness management, personal and social well-being, and associated health problems. The OP program aims to counteract this trend and give students the skills necessary to make active and healthy lifestyle choices.

The OP program is offered to all students at each grade (6, 7 and 8). The program is based on a continuum of learning over a three year period and covers a progression of experiences. Each class at Arthur Day will receive 10 Outdoor Pursuit classes a year. This amounts to one afternoon every three school cycles. Your child’s class has a set schedule for OP that can be found in the documents section on the Athletics page. Students will be assessed on physical education outcomes in OP. These assessments will be a part of the physical education/health in the report card.

Outdoor Pursuits provides a wonderful opportunity for your child to engage in physical activity, learn about lifelong pursuits, socialize with peers and teachers, and simply have fun through play and learning activities. You can assist your child’s enjoyment of the OP program by making sure they are properly dressed for the weather. By putting the OP dates on your calendar and checking the weather forecast, you can ensure your child will be prepared. We will go outside in all weather conditions unless it is deemed unsafe to do so. This includes going outside in light rain, wind and snow.

If you have any questions about the OP program, please contact the school at 958-6522.

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