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Promotion Policy

Evaluation of student achievement focuses on performance and on all dimensions of student growth. While the principal is ultimately responsible for determining the placement that best meets the student's academic, social, emotional and physical needs, each member of the school teaching team is responsible for evaluating the growth of each individual.

Promotion criteria:

The principal and teaching team will consider the following factors in determining promotion, retention and placement of students:

  • Academic achievement
  • Perceived ability to function at the next level
  • Organizational skills
  • Work habits
  • Level of maturity— including social, emotional and physical factors

Students who have not met 30% or more of the total program outcomes will be considered “at risk.” For a student “at risk,” the principal and teaching team may recommend from the following alternatives:

  • Attendance at summer school at the student's expense
  • Supplemental assignments as determined by the school
  • Promotion to Grade 9 at the end of the second term (Grade 8 only)
  • Repeat the entire year
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