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Brenda Bage

Ward 4
Phone: 204.221.2951


Schools in Ward 4:

  1. Chief Peguis Middle School
  2. Donwood School
  3. École Sun Valley School
  4. Emerson School
  5. John G. Stewart School
  6. John Pritchard School
  7. Maple Leaf School
  8. River East Collegiate

Brenda Bage has been involved in her local schools for years. With her two children attending RETSD schools, she has been an active parent volunteer in their early years and in the community since nursery school. As an educational assistant, Brenda also works with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students.

Brenda’s experience in schools inspired her to run for trustee. She wanted to bring a new type of voice to the board. She knows her community and knows it’s important to bring a hands-on feel to what parents, teachers, and the community want from the school division. Her work behind the scenes has greatly influenced the perspective she brings to her role.

Over the last several years, Brenda has worked in different school divisions with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students, giving her insight into how the various resources work in different schools and how vital these resources are in the classroom. She’s had the privilege of working very closely with teachers and seeing what resources are available to them, what they need, and what they can do with what’s available. For Brenda, these first-hand experiences have been eye-opening and inform her work as a trustee.

Being on the board is a collaborative process. Brenda enjoys working through debates with an open mind to come to the best decision for the community. Becoming a trustee has allowed her the opportunity to learn from her fellow board members. From business executives to past administrators, she says they come with such a wealth of knowledge.

Brenda is an asset to the board, with her direct experience working in a classroom and as inclusion support. She’s also a proud policy nerd, which serves her well on the program, policy review, and personnel committee.

As a trustee, Brenda asks herself, is everyone benefiting from the decision being made? And are we setting them up for the best possible outcome? At the end of the day, it needs to be about what will work best for students and all stakeholders, including parents, school staff, and community members.

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