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Our libraries aren't just an essential part of the learning environment—they're central to the life of the school itself. The programs our teacher librarians and library technicians offer are a force for change and focus on enabling our students to achieve the division's purpose: to be inspired, skilled, responsible citizens. 

Our students and teachers rely on our libraries to provide up-to-date, curriculum-connected materials in a variety of forms and modes, as well as professionally trained staff with expertise in how to find, access, and utilize those materials.  

It's here that our students develop their love of learning and reading. Our libraries also teach information literacy, digital citizenship, and critical-thinking skills; promote academic integrity and freedom; encourage best teaching practices and participatory learning; and provide a safe learning environment for all learners.

RETSD's libraries are becoming learning commons where our students and teachers are supported in their journey to become skillful lifelong learners, thinkers, and researchers who use information and technology in an ethical manner to create, innovate, and produce.

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