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Our physical and health education programming has only one goal: encouraging active, healthy lifestyle habits to ensure future wellness. Students receive instruction at all grade levels and are encouraged to participate in intramurals and interschool athletics to enhance their physical activity. Intramurals offer our students a further chance to apply, practise, and develop their skills while enjoying positive, fun social interaction with their peers. 

Interschool activities vary by grade level. Early years interschool divisional events include tumbling rallies, cross-country running races, and folk dance festivals in the park that draw hundreds of students into mass gatherings. These fun, relaxed events are a chance for our young students to display their skills.

Our middle and senior years schools take great pride in offering outstanding interschool athletic programs that provide our students with an added opportunity to excel at a higher level of competition. Our six senior years schools are members of the Kilcona Peguis Athletic Conference (KPAC) and abide by rules established by the Manitoba High School Athletics Association (MHSAA).

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