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We celebrate performing arts of all kinds in our division, both inside and outside the classroom.

Music classes are taught by specialized music teachers who offer a wide range of learning and performing opportunities for students across all grades. Arts programming is taught in early years by classroom teachers and by a specialist in middle years and high school.

Outside classroom time, we present concerts, plays, musicals, and art shows, and also participate in local, national, and international festivals—even an annual community outreach concert in partnership with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.


The River East Transcona Divisional Choir offers our students in Grades 6–8 a chance to gain enhanced choral training and experience, make new friends, and perform publicly. The choir typically presents two community concerts each year and, on occasion, goes on tour. Auditions are held in May for membership in the choir the following season.

For more information, talk to your school's music teacher.

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