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Regular Busing (Including Form)


To download an application, visit: Transportation Application—Regular (Form A)


If any of the following situations apply to you, it is necessary to complete a Transportation Application—Regular (Form A) in order to ensure that your child receives busing services:

  • New to the division: If you are new to River East Transcona School Division and your child qualifies for busing.
  • Change of residence: If your residential address has changed, even if you have previously requested busing for your child. This will help us update our records and make necessary arrangements to accommodate your transportation needs.
  • Change in childcare location: Your child’s childcare location has changed. This will help us update our records and make necessary arrangements to accommodate your transportation needs.


It is the policy of our division to provide regular busing, under certain conditions of distance or disability, for the following students attending their designated school.

  • All students who reside greater than 1.6 km from their designated school are eligible under the following circumstances:
  1. Urban: Students enrolled in Grades K–6 who reside in the City of Winnipeg.
  2. Rural (East St. Paul and St. Clements): Students enrolled in Grades K–12 who do not reside in a city, town, or village.
  3. Special class/physical disability: Transported pupils unable to walk safely to school due to significant cognitive or physical disability.
  4. Programs not offered in the division: Students enrolled in Grades K–12 in another school division who take a recognized program not offered in our division.
  • Kindergarten students requiring busing to and from a babysitter or daycare, provided both the student’s residence address and the address of the babysitter or daycare are more than 1.6 km walking distance from the designated school and this arrangement doesn’t require altering existing bus routes.
  • Students involved in special situations, such as:
    1. Students attending Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School and residing in the area from 3663 Henderson Hwy. to Burr Oak Bay, within the school’s catchment area.
    2. Grades K–6 students attending École Salisbury Morse Place School and living southeast of the CPR Molson/Main Line, within the school’s catchment area. 
      • The provision of transportation by the division is a courtesy extended to eligible students but is not a right and may be withdrawn at the board’s discretion. The division may withdraw school bus transportation from those students whose actions endanger the health and safety of others.
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