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Fee-for-Service Busing (Including Form)



Due to increasing demand for busing, RETSD may be unable to accommodate fee-for-service applications. On some buses, there may be a few unallocated seats; however, these need to be held in abeyance for new students who are either eligible for transportation or whom we are obligated to transport. For additional information, see the Fee-for-Service Q&A on the left-hand side of this page.


The parents of Grades K–12 students who do not qualify for regular busing—due to the distance requirements under Section 43 of The Public Schools Act—can apply for unallocated seats on a fee-for-service basis under the following conditions:

  • Busing will be provided according to RETSD policy.
  • Busing will not be provided for students who live less than one kilometre from their designated school.
  • Transportation applications—for September to June, annually—should be submitted by June 30 of each school year. Applications received after June 30 will be reviewed on an individual basis. Access will be determined on an annual basis, so parents must reapply each year.
  • Available seats will be allocated on a progressive grade-level basis, beginning with kindergarten and with priority to youngest and farthest.
  • Bus routes will not be altered, nor new stops added. All buses will be loaded to a maximum of 95 per cent of their capacity where possible, as determined by the director of transportation. Once capacity is reached, no further applications will be processed.
  • If students eligible for regular busing—according to division policy—apply after June 30, space allocated on a fee-for-service basis will be withdrawn in reverse order of priority, that is, oldest and closest first.
  • The monthly cost of this service is the same as a Winnipeg Transit student bus pass, and each additional family member will be charged one-half the cost of a student bus pass per month.
  • A signed application must be accompanied by payment in full, post-dated cheques dated the first of each month, or a direct debit authorization. No partial refund of any monthly payment will be made.
  • The provision of transportation by the division is a privilege extended to eligible students but is not a right and may be revoked at the board’s discretion. The division may withdraw school bus transportation from those students whose actions endanger the health and safety of others.
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