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Shannon Hiebert

Ward 5
Phone: 204.771.8435


Schools in Ward 5:

1. Bird's Hill School
2. Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School
3. Robert Andrews Middle School

Shannon Hiebert has been volunteering in the school system for 16 years. She grew up watching her dad volunteer on the parent council and in the community. It was inevitable that volunteering and making an impact in schools would become her passion, as well.

As her own children grew older, there were fewer volunteer opportunities at their schools. Shannon wanted to stay involved and turned her focus to running for trustee, providing her with new ways to support staff and students.

Shannon’s experience managing a not-for-profit office has given her an understanding of working with boards of directors and navigating organizational challenges. As a parent and long-time volunteer, she also knows good communication with parents and the community is essential. She strives to create opportunities for everyone, including full-time working parents, to be involved with the school and the people educating their children.

Shannon is excited to bring a fresh voice to the board of trustee table. She recognizes the impact trustees can have. Coming out of the pandemic years, there are many challenges with mental health, provincial finances, and more. She is ready to support her fellow board members in addressing these challenges and making a difference in the community.

Shannon’s goals for the board, collectively, are to endow students with confidence throughout their time in school and as graduates, shaping a positive future for RETSD students and ensuring schools have the resources to do so. Her guiding values as a trustee are listening, transparency, and teamwork. She prioritizes back-and-forth dialogue between the community and the board, wanting to share the process and rationale behind decisions in a respectful exchange.

Shannon’s favourite part of the job is connecting with people, especially when they reach out to her, trusting her to have a real conversation. Her job as trustee is to communicate with the community, especially with parents, and she hopes they reach out to her so her voice at the table represents what is important to the them.

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