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Pampered Chef

Hi Family, Friends, and travellers.

We are excited to offer a Pampered Chef fundraiser as another way to raise funds for the Costa Rica 2025 trip. 

There will be two parts to the fundraiser:

  1. Join the virtual party group on Facebook (running June 8-15), and invite your friends and family to join also. The virtual party will allow me to showcase our products, make suggestions and help people with their orders. Inviting people to this style of fundraiser party should result in higher order totals. Please see more details about this below. Join the group here today:
  2. Pass around the catalog to friends and family to browse. You can get a physical copy from me, or you can send out the virtual flippable catalog via messenger, text or email:

How does this fundraiser benefit you?

  • Your student will receive 15%-30% of their sales back in donations:
     $200-$749.99 sales = 15% donation
     $750+ sales = 30% donation
  •  So if you get $500 in orders, you’ll get $75 back to put towards the trip! Sell $1000, get $300 back! Sell more and get more! It’s as simple as that!
  •     The fundraiser has to be in the name of a non-profit organization, thus we can not hold individual parties. We will be using any perks that a host might receive as incentives for top sellers. We should have no problem meeting the $1,000 threshold and get 30% profit.

SHOPPING LINK: Your friends and family can shop through the following link between June 8th and June 22nd. Remember that anyone anywhere in Canada can order!

** Early bird BONUS: Generate $200 or more in orders on June 8th or 9th and get an additional $20 in fundraising money **

** PRIZE GIVEAWAY: The family who raises the most funds for their student will earn the right to ONE 60% off reward, and a selection of Pampered Chef's awesome pantry products! **

Please hit reply to let me know if you will be participating in this fundraiser, and let me know how many physical catalogs you’d like sent home with your student. 

Looking forward to helping you all earn lots back in donations with this fundraiser. I'm here to answer any questions you may have!


Cheryl Kalinin


Important Facebook virtual party info:

  • Once you join the group you’ll be able to invite ALL your friends and family. There’s something really important to note here - you have to take the inviting slow. Open up the party group from your computer or phone (the phone is easiest) and then click the invite button. You can then choose from all of your FB friends. BUT…you should only send 20 invites at a time and then take a 20-30 minute break. If you go too fast, Facebook will think you’re spamming. ;)
  • Engage in the party when you can. Even 5 minutes of commenting on posts in the party each day will help with the visibility of the party, and will send out notifications to those in the party. That’s what we want! We want everyone to be reminded that there’s a party going on because that will generate more orders!. 
  • The more the merrier! The fundraiser party will be more fun if every family joins, and if each family invites lots of people. A virtual party allows you to reach more of your friends and family, than relying only on passing a catalog around. The virtual party should generate more sales to benefit you!
  • One last key to a successful fundraiser is to over-invite to the party. Not everyone will accept the invite, so make sure to invite lots.


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