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RETSD Celebrates With Powwow

The Kildonan-East Collegiate gym was filled with singing, laughter, excitement, the rhythm of drums, and dancers in a wide variety of colourful regalia on May 23rd, as RETSD hosted its divisional Powwow. It's an event that provides students, their families, staff, and community members with an opportunity to celebrate Indigenous culture and another successful year of Indigenous Academic Achievement (IAA) programming. 

IAA programming integrates Indigenous perspectives into learning for all students and aims to help Indigenous students achieve the highest possible success at school. Being part of the Powwow is a source of great pride for the students.

Many thanks to the IAA staff who worked so hard to put this successful event together, as well as master of ceremonies Coco Ray Stevenson, arena director Marcel French, host drums Buffalo Red Thunder and Walking Wolf Singers, and the Board of Trustees and other dignitaries who attended.

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