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Check for Updates on Your Child's School Bus Routing

Due to the significant volume of calls and emails our department receives at the beginning of the school year, please read the below carefully:

We’re excited about the start of another school year and preparing for the transportation of students is an important part of our planning. To access transportation information (including transfer points) for your child who is eligible for transportation and whose application has been processed, please log in to the parent portal. Then, click on the name of your child and in the top left menu, click “Transportation.” This will display the details you require. If you’re unable to access this information, please ensure your device is fully updated and then try logging in a second time. If you’re still unable to access the information, please contact your child’s school and they’ll provide you with the details.

Please check for updates on your child’s routing, as changes may occur in the days before school begins and in the first few weeks of school.  

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