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KEC Student Chosen for Prestigious Scholarship

Simar%20Ubhi%20-%20KEC.JPGCongratulations to Simar Ubhi, a Grade 12 student from Kildonan-East Collegiate, on being chosen for a prestigious Schulich Leader Scholarship valued at $120,000. He will be entering the faculty of engineering at the University of Manitoba this fall.

Simar was selected by KEC for his outstanding academic and philanthropic achievements. Teacher Kathryn Athayde maintained an active mentorship role with Simar during the pandemic, ensuring he was stimulated, engaged, and able to achieve his full potential. During this time, Simar taught himself how to code websites and gained experience by creating websites for non-profit agencies that could not afford to hire web developers. Using this experience, he obtained employment as a developer with a web security company and established the non-profit company Developers of Change to connect volunteer website developers with non-profit agencies requiring these services.

“Simar demonstrates a unique commitment to using technology and his skillset for the betterment of society,” Ms. Athayde explained. She supported Simar in representing KEC at Skills Manitoba in the web technologies category where he won the gold medal. Later this month, Simar will represent Manitoba at Skills Canada. He will graduate with credits in Advanced Placement computer science, Advanced Placement English literature, and online calculus, in addition to his regular course load.

He has also been a Royal Canadian Air Cadet for over five years and, as squadron deputy commander, he leads and inspires younger cadets in aviation, fitness, mental health, and teamwork. 

“Simar’s a remarkable individual who possesses a unique combination of intelligence, kindness, and humility. He’s consistently demonstrated an exemplary work ethic and unwavering dedication to self-improvement,” said biology teacher Sofia Kolodziej. “Despite his unassuming nature, his intellect always shone through. I’m excited to see the positive impacts he’ll have on all those around him.”

Principal Marjorie Millman spoke with Simar about the fact that he is a first-generation Canadian. “He recognizes the sacrifices his parents made to come to Canada in order to offer him the life he now has,” she said. “It seems very important to him to make his parents proud and to continue to give back, not only to them, but to his local and world community.”

Upon Simar’s selection to represent KEC as the Schulich nomination, teacher Daria Krause worked with him on highlighting his many talents in his scholarship essay. “Simar’s observations, self-awareness, and drive are superb,” she said.

“He’s an exceptional young man. I’ve not worked with many students who are as gifted in so many ways,” said English teacher Jamie Giasson. “In literary studies, he demonstrated a depth of understanding and maturity rarely seen in high school students. Even though he’s pursuing studies in the tech world, I fully expect to one day come across a best-selling novel he created in his ‘spare time.’”

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