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Teachers Have Powerful VR Experience

RETSD has welcomed many newcomer students into our schools from countries experiencing conflict. Recently, our teachers took part in powerful experience to build understanding and empathy; a virtual reality experience called “Home After War.” 

Using virtual reality headsets, teachers were taken to Fallujah, where the war has ended but the city is still unsafe. They explored the home of Ahmaied Hamad Khalaf and his family, who returned to it to find it may contain hidden dangers. Teachers witnessed life outside the four walls of his house through 360-degree videos and heard Ahmaied speak of his loss and his hopes.

“Research shows that immersive VR experiences can help develop and foster empathy,” says Richard Roberts, RETSD’s technology integration consultant. “We see an opportunity to use this technology to do just that, and, based on the success of this experience, use it for other VR experiences.”

Teachers also participated in a simulation entitled “Forced to Flee,” which mimicked the experience of fleeing one’s home country.

Through these impactful exercises, they learned what it is like for people to fear the home they once loved. 

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