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River East Transcona School Division
creating student success

Many thesis-level students and professional researchers request the participation of students and staff for their studies.

We encourage this participation and have established a research application process to screen requests for the participation of students and/or staff within our jurisdiction and to expedite the completion of approved projects.

Our research guidelines are designed to assist researchers in meeting the research application requirements of RETSD. You will note that all projects emanating from individuals and agencies external to RETSD must be approved by the division.

Applications will be screened on the basis of ethics, research methodology, disruptions to the schools, and benefit to the division, education and/or society.

Please see our complete research guidelines by clicking the Research Guidelines link on the left.

There are several aspects of the guidelines and submission procedure we would like to emphasize in order to minimize disappointment by researchers:

1. RETSD will not consider incomplete applications. The research application form and guidelines outline the attachments required. The guidelines also explain how to request a research application form.

2. RETSD does not, in principle, allow research in the schools in May, June and September; as you can appreciate, students and staff are extremely busy with the beginning and end-of-term school processes. The exception to this principle is research which, by its nature, must be done in May, June or September (e.g., research into allergies).

3. The final decision regarding all research requests will be made by the RETSD superintendent/CEO.

4. Approval by the division does not obligate a school, its staff or students to participate in the study.

5. Any personnel who will be in contact with students will be required to have a cleared Child Abuse Registry check (CAR) and a Criminal Record Check (CRC) with a vulnerable sector search dated within one year. These are to be presented to the school administrator prior to being granted access to the students.

Please email for a copy of our Research Application Form.